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What do you think of Armenia’s plan to construct a new nuclear power station?

Wednesday, February 25
“I don’t know, if it isn’t dangerous for the region why not? It will be an extra source of electricity.”
Tatia, student, 19

“This isn’t a bad idea but I think they should take into consideration the Chernobyl tragedy and be more careful. Still I think it is a little bit risky.”
Meri, housewife, 57

“If they need extra electricity sources, they should address the issue properly. Many countries have nuclear power stations on their territory and if Armenia joins them it wouldn’t be bad.”
Nika, economist, 25

“It’s their right to decide what to build, but I don’t like the idea of a nuclear station so close to Georgia”
Ilo, driver, 43

“They had a station for many years and there were no problems with it, they have a lot of specialists in this field, so I think the new one will be safe too.”
Ekaterine, manager, 32

“It’s really dangerous. Even if we exclude the possibility of human error or a terrorist attack, there is always the threat of an earthquake. Armenia is in a very dangerous zone. Don’t you remember the deadly earthquakes they had back in the 80s? That’s why I think the old station should be closed and they should find some other source of energy.”
Lamara, teacher, 49

“I really don’t welcome this decision; one explosion will be enough to completely destroy the Caucasus region.”
Tata, student, 20