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Do you take out bank loans?

Thursday, February 26
No I dont, but my parents do. I think it is more or less flexible to take a bank loan when you need to buy something immediately and havent the savings for this.
Tekla, student, 18

Yes I do, and Im sure about 60% of people do also.
Nana, teacher, 45

I havent taken out a loan recently. I only pay off the old one. I know that because of the world economic crisis many banks in Georgia have to refuse loans for their customers.
Shorena, musician, 32

I am trying to avoid taking out loans. I never know what will happen tomorrow and whether I will be able to pay them back or not. So I try to live with what I have.
Tea, cardiologist, 37

I took out a loan last year to buy a refrigerator, and I am still paying it off, but I think it is a very nice way to buy things. It is just a pity that loan procedures have become quite complicated now.
Lela, accountant, 49

I save money in the bank, and have never taken out a loan so far. But if I need to I will do so for sure.
Badri, PR specialist, 27

I prefer to borrow money from my friends and relatives if I need to. I do not have to pay interest to my friends.
Bacho, student, 20

I just wanted to take one out, but the banks refused, despite the fact I had all the papers I needed. I dont think I will ever use this service again.
Davit, IT specialist, 27