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Russian-Azeri trade turnover approaching USD 2.500 billion

By Messenger Staff
Friday, February 27
In 2008 trade turnover between Russia and Azerbaijan was worth USD 2.402 billion. Yuri Schedrin, the Russian trade representative, stated this at a press conference on February 25. He said that compared with 2007 turnover between these two countries has increased by 39.3%.

Russian export to Azerbaijan was worth USD 1.99 billion and the Azeri negative trade balance with Russia was now more than USD 1.5 billion, Schedrin said. These figures differ considerably from those of the Azeri Statistical Committee. According to official Azeri publications trade turnover between the two countries was USD 1.931 billion in 2008. Azerbaijan importing products worth USD 1.349 billion and exporting USD 582 billions worth.

Regardless of this difference in exact figures Russia was still the main source of Azerbaijani imports in 2008 whichever measure you use. 1,720 different types of Russian product were imported, including industrial and chemical products, as well as construction metal, wood and other construction materials, foodstuffs and agricultural raw materials.