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Russian information about Karsi-Akhalkalaki railways

By Messenger Staff
Friday, February 27
The General Director of South Caucasus Railways, which is the new name of the Russian-run former Armenian Railways, Shevket Shaidulin, has stated that the Karsi-Akhalkalaki-Baku railway project has not received enough financing to enable it to be built in the stated time. Shaidulin said in effect that this railway is not being built. He said his information had come from Georgian sources.

Shaidulin also stated that the construction of a railway track connecting Armenia with Iran had been discussed at Government level by both Armenian and Russian officials and both sides view the possibility positively. This railway is needed by Armenia as it provides extra transit possibilities.

As for the possible reestablishment of railway connections between Turkey and Armenia Shaidulin stated that rehabilitation work is taking place on the Gumri (Armenia) to Karsi railway segment, and if the appropriate political decision is made South Caucasus Railways is prepared to run the Gumri-Karsi railway connection.