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What do you think of the Cell No 5 programme?

Friday, February 27
“From my point of view this is the most incredible reality show I’ve ever seen, because he get the audience going, however, a reality show should be real and not about provoking the audience.”
hotiko, pianist, 21

“Well it is not an interesting project for me, moreover I am sure it will not have any influence on our country’s future.”
Giorgi, student, 19

“I like Gia. He is a clever artist, poet and singer. He is a patriot of his country. I praise his decision to sit in the cell but I am not sure his goal will be reached soon.”
Marika, housewife, 43

“I think Utsnobi is a little crazy, but he has managed to create one of the most highly rated shows in Georgia. If he achieves his aim he will become a real hero.”
Nutsa, student, 20

“I like it. If I have time I always watch Cell No 5. The idea is very original and that’s why it has become so popular.”
Sergo, economist, 32

“I don’t watch it very often but I know what it is about. His show has become the matter of discussion in the society recently and this means it is very popular. It is more a show than a way of protest though.”
Eka, housewife, 38

“It is the usual sort of TV show that attracts viewers in our city but I am sure it will not last long and people will soon forget about it and stop watching it, because it is very frivolous for a man to imprison himself and be held captive 24 hours a day. If he really wants to do something for Georgia he will do it better outside his cell.”
Irakli, bank employee, 35

“I like Utsnobi. He is a very eccentric person and likes to do unusual things. I don’t know if he will get Saakashvili to resign with this but he has certainly created a very interesting show.”
Jaba, student, 19

“It is another stupid reality show which is actually an inadequate reflection of Georgian reality.”
Kakhi, lecturer, 45

“He is perfect, me and my friends like him and his show very much.”
Keti, schoolgirl, 16

“I wish this show was on in the day time and not late evening, my children watch it and we always have a quarrel about them staying up late.”
Marina, teacher, 41

“Every time I watch, it starts to get on my nerves, it is just a nonsense.”
Giorgi, manager, 34

“My wife watches it daily. Sometimes I also like to see opposition guys fighting. I don’t take it seriously as a programme though.”
Dato, engineer, 51

“I think it is the only place where the opposition is given a chance to speak freely. In my opinion not only us, the ordinary citizens, should watch it but our Government also, to hear what society really needs.”
Lali, nurse, 60