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Which of the state institutions are you most satisfied with?

Wednesday, March 4
I think the most effective is the Ministry of Internal Affairs, which has managed to establish order in the country. No so many criminal acts are occurring and people can leave their cars in the streets and walk in the streets at night without worrying. This is very important, as we didn't have this situation 6 years ago.
Ana, manager, 28

I would say the Ministry of Defence, because due to its efforts and the training of soldiers we are living in an independent state and not an occupied one. It is to their credit that our Army was so well trained and prepared.
Tatia, student, 20

The Ministry of Internal Affairs is the only Ministry that fulfills its duty correctly. Beside the fact that police are regularly working in the city and even a mobile phone thief is put in jail, they did much towards building houses for IDPs. Whatever someone says about Vano Merabishvili [Interior Minister] he is professional, and I would add something - the Ministry of Refugees is the least effective Ministry as it cannot even manage to resolve IDPs problems and give support to all of them, not 5 out of 10.
Lasha, lecturer, 42

None of them. I think the people there just earn money and do not think about their direct duties and responsibilities. This should be changed, it cant continue this way for too long. Enough is enough. Nunu, pediatrician, 59

I think the Health and Education Ministries are quite ok, I support the education reforms underway in Georgia. A lot has changed in a positive direction during the last few years.
Kato, interpreter, 24

I dont know what to say. I dont really think that any of them works well under the current regime.
Jondi, doctor, 54

Vano Merabishvili is doing great. He knows how to do his job. He even knows what we think. He knows all our wishes. The Interior Ministry is one of the most effectively working ministries in Georgia I think.
Rezo, economist, 39

I think this new Ministry of Penitentiary and its Minister Shashkin are doing well. He seems to be very active as a Minister and I m sure his Ministry will be successful.
Nona, housewife, 56

I am satisfied with the work of the Interior Ministry. In spite of the great hatred of the people for Merabishvili, as a Minister he does his best.
Lasha, student, 19

I dont know. None of them is good. Otherwise we would be in better social conditions now.
Tamari, pensioner, 67