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Can Georgian agriculture satisfy the demand of the Georgian population?

Thursday, March 5
“Georgian agriculture has all the resources it needs and proper climate conditions and has huge potential to satisfy the demand of just 3.5 million people.”
George, student, 20

“I think it has the capacity to meet the demand of the population, and it is better not to import Turkish vegetables but grow our own, which will not be as contaminated by chemicals as imported vegetables.”
Lamara, housewife, 42

“Sure it can, it can not only satisfy the Georgian population but also has export potential.”
Ilia, diplomat, 27

“Of course it can, if Georgian people start going back to the villages and working in their gardens.”
Shalva, pensioner, 65

“Well, as Georgia gets most of its vegetables from its neighbours, I do not think that Georgian agriculture fully satisfies the demand of the population.”
Irina, nurse, 34

“I have no idea really. I just go to the market and buy agricultural products. I have no idea whether what I buy is Georgian, Turkish or whatever.”
Nia, dentist, 31

“Yes, more or less, but our potential is greater than this. For example we could have produced a great deal of tea but unfortunately this isn’t priority for our Government yet.”
Nunu, pensioner, 68

“I think our agriculture satisfies the demands of the population. But we shouldn’t be oriented only on this but on exporting it as well.”
Eka, economist, 39

“If our Government starts to cut down vines, the situation will worsen. We could also have produced more vegetables than we do now. I don’t think Georgian agriculture satisfies our demands.”
Vano, engineer, 44