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What should the opposition do to achieve its goal: hold a referendum or protest actions?

Friday, March 6
“Of course it would be better if a referendum was held but who can guarantee that it won’t be rigged? So, the only way is to start protest actions.”
Keti, pharmacist, 37

“I’m already tired of revolutions and protests in my country. Let a referendum decide everything. It is a more civilized way of expressing one’s opinion.”
Tekla, student, 21

“Of course protest actions are a better way of getting rid of Saakashvili. He doesn’t care about any referendum or election result.”
Meri, pensioner, 72

“Both ways are good if the opposition don’t fall apart again and start fighting with each other. The opposition should stand together to achieve something.”
Gia, economist, 44

“I am tired of seeing an overcrowded Rustaveli every spring and autumn, in the end the result is zero. I prefer a referendum, it is a more civilized way to express your opinion.”
Levan, lawyer, 27

“It is not the right time for protests now, we should be united and face all our difficulties with dignity.”
Nona, teacher, 59

“I support holding rallies. The Government will never listen to us if we don’t go out into the streets. I am sure we will reach our goal and end the rule of this Government soon.”
Roza, librarian, 61

“The first thing is to tell people the plan of action, which will explain the policy the opposition will follow if they win. I wonder what they will change in Georgia? If a plan is made and is sane I think people will join the protest rallies and no referendum will be needed.”
Robert, teacher, 54

“I think a referendum is the best solution. If the Government needs to be changed this should be done in a constitutional way. Personally I am sick of street actions.”
Koba, technician, 36