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How do you celebrate International Women’s Day?

Monday, March 9
“My son gave me flowers in the morning, a nice surprise. Otherwise, nothing special. Will have an ordinary dinner, maybe I will get some more congratulations in the evening from my friends and relatives.”
Ira, housewife, 46

“When I was young it was a big celebration. We used to hold nice parties at restaurants with all my women co-workers. Now it is not such a big day. Some congratulations and that is it.”
Mzia, pharmacist, 80

“First of all I congratulate my daughters, then I get some flowers from my husband and then carry on with my usual day, working, cooking, washing and so on. This is life.”
Lela, accountant, 48

“I do not celebrate it at all. No parties or anything like that. I got a present from my schoolmate today, and of course I was happy. But I can’t feel it is a special day. It is an ordinary Sunday, and I am happy I do not have to go to school. That’s all.”
Maiko, student, 17

“I don’t have any special tradition of celebrating it but my son made me a small present in the morning and gave me a bunch of snowdrops. This is so nice of him.”
Zhana, biologist, 53

“I always buy flowers (10 red roses) for my wife. This is the way I congratulate her on March 8. I’ve been doing this for 21 years.”
Badri, economist, 46

“I always celebrate this day with my best friends. It isn’t planned but we always do so.”
Magda, student, 19

“This is a very old holiday, but nobody remembers that this used to be Klara Tsetkini's birthday. Flowers, sweets and fragrances are traditional gifts for this day. As for me, I celebrate with my friends, or have a date.”
Viola, housewife, 35

“I celebrate it with my family in the kitchen and it has become a tradition already.”
Victoria, journalist, 35

“Oh it is a great holiday. All men present me with flowers in the morning, then I usually have a party with my friends and family members.”
Mary, accountant, 40