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Tuesday, March 10
Chief medic of Kutaisi policlinic detained

The employees of the Kutaisi Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs have detained the chief medic of Kutaisi Policlinic no 4, Davit Kostava, at his home. During a search ampules of morphine purchased with forged documents (in the name of patients) were found there.

The chief medic and one other employee of the policlinic have been detained. An investigation has been called for.

Christian Democrats present ideas to Minister

MPs from the Christian Democratic Party presented legislative initiatives to the Minister of Penitentiary, Probation and Legal Assistance yesterday. The Minister attended Parliament to discuss the proposals of the opposition party and state his own ideas.

The Christian Democrats propose changes in the education and healthcare system in prisons and visiting arrangements for family members and relatives. They urge the restoration of longer visits and more frequent visiting in general. The Minister made a different proposal, that convicts who are not dangerous to society should be allowed periods of home release.
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Labour Party advocates for fugitive politicians

The Georgian Labour Party has expressed its support for politicians and businesspeople who have become fugitives.

Kakha Dzagania of the party accused President Saakashvili and his Government of oppressing opposition politicians. He said that the party has taken up the cases of Valeri Gelbakhiani, who ran the election headquarters of late tycoon Badri Patarkatsishvili when he ran for President and Bondo Shalikiani, who fled Georgia after refusing to give up his business to Saakashvili. The Labour Party will send a letter to Council of Europe senior officials concerning these two fugitives.
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Teachers remain in separatists` captivity

A teacher and the Director of the Akhalgori no. 3 public school remain imprisoned by South Ossetian separatists. Givi Chigoev and Tamar Charoeva were taken to the Tskhinvali isolator a few days ago. They were arrested on charges of treason and have already been sentenced to two-months’ pretrial detention.

The teacher reportedly suffers from asthma and her health condition may deteriorate in jail. Tamar Charoeva was arrested in front of her pupils.

It is said that Kokoity’s ‘Government’ is continuing to oppress anyone who voted in the elections for the Georgian-backed Provisional Administration in 2006. Georgian officials have condemned the detention of the educators.
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Opposition movement had clash with police

The members of the November 7 protest movement and the youth wings of some opposition parties held a demonstration outside Parliament yesterday, demanding the resignation of the President and the whole Government.

The protestors tried to block the capital’s central avenue, but the police prevented this. The protestors resisted and the stand-off developed into a clash with the police.
(Rustavi 2)

Clinton spells it out

US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton sent a letter to the Georgian Ministry of Foreign Affairs on March 6. The Ministry stated that the “letter presents the US vision of the role and further activities of international organizations in Georgia. In this context, it highlights the US position of unconditional support for the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Georgia.” The Minister states that US-Georgia bilateral relations are also reviewed in this letter.
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