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In which bank do you keep your savings and make utility payments?

Tuesday, March 10
“In People’s Bank. I take my wages on the card of this bank and it is therefore convenient for me to make utility payments there”
Nana, accountant, 39

“I don’t keep any savings in the bank at present. As for utility payments, I pay them at the local branch of Standard Bank.”
Dato, musician, 26

“I keep my saving in TBC bank but I make utility payments in Standard Bank.”
Megi, philologist, 32

“I keep my savings in Bank Republic, as for the utility bills I pay them at People's bank.”
Diana, translator, 25

“I keep my savings in Standard Bank, as I have found out that this bank has a very good service compared with other banks in Georgia.”
Nika, student, 22

“I do not have savings yet, but if I had I would keep them in Bank Republic. utility bills I pay in Kor Standard Bank.”
George, architect, 40

“In TBC bank’s My Safe. It is very easy to withdraw money whenever you want without any commission and the interest is also very good.”
Maka, accountant, 23

“I do not have any money to save so far. For communal payments I use People’s Bank and KOR Standard Bank usually.”
Lali, economist, 45

“I do not trust banks. I lost quite a large amount of money I had saved in the bank in the 90s, now I prefer to have whatever I have saved close at hand, at home.”
Dato, engineer, 51

“Bank of Georgia is the most trusted bank today in Georgia. I have no fear that they will have any financial problems because they have many resources. I also pay my utilities through this bank.”
Mikheil, economist, 34

“I prefer ProCredit Bank, it is a Western bank and I have kept my savings there for a long time. I have never had any problem with this bank. It is also very convenient for making payments through.”
Maiko, housewife, 44