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Wednesday, March 11
Families of dead soldiers given apartments in Tbilisi

Under a decision of the President of Georgia the families of 170 dead soldiers have received apartments in Tbilisi on the road to the airport.

Mikheil Saakashvili announced his decision to the wives of the dead soldiers. A meeting with their family members was held in the Avlabari residence of Mikheil Saakashvili on his initiative. Defence Minister Davit Sikharulidze was also present.

”Everyone must be aware that the families of those who give their life for Georgia will be protected. We want peace, and peace needs protection. We saved the capital and Georgian statehood. We must develop the country to honour those who fell for Georgian unity,” Mikheil Saakashvili stated.

The President thanked the families of the dead for the strength of their families. (Interpressnews)

Sokhumi regime starts to confiscate Georgians’ homes

The Sokhumi puppet regime has begun confiscating the houses of the Georgian Population in Tkvarcheli, Interpressnews has been informed in the region itself.

It is reported that representatives of the de facto regime have visited Tkvarcheli and demanded from the de facto administrators of the region lists of families who have not lived in their homes in the villages of Chkhortoli, Okumi, Agubedia and Bedia for the last 6 months. After the lists have been presented the separatists intend to confiscate the houses and flats of the people named therein. Their property will be sold at auction or given to other families.

This information was affirmed by the Abkhazian media centre. “We have also received this information. We know that a similar event is planned in the villages of Gali region,” head of the media centre Raul Kiria stated. (Interpressnews)

Armavia cancels flights once more

Armavia has once more cancelled flights which it was due to make yesterday from Tbilisi to Moscow via Yerevan. They have been rescheduled for March 15. Interpressnews was given this information by Tbilisi Airport, but the reason for this second round of cancellations is not known.

The United Transportation Administration of Georgia gave permission to Armavia to make Yerevan-Tbilisi flights about two weeks ago. The company plans to make two flights a day in this direction.

Head of the Georgian-Russian joint public commission Malkhaz Gulashvili announced last week that Tbilisi-Moscow flights via Yerevan would be performed from March 1. (Interpressnews)

Maia Chigoeva-Tsaboshvili demands security for detained teachers

Maia Chigoeva-Tsaboshvili, the Chair of NGO Iberi Ironi, has demanded that the personal safety of teachers Tamar Charaeva and Givi Chigoev, who have been detained in Akhalgori, should be guaranteed.

Chigoeva-Tsaboshvili stated at a press conference at the Public Defender’s office that Russia and the separatist Government, in particular Kokoity, must guarantee their security. She called the detainees political prisoners and stated that a criminal case had been instituted against them according to a code which applied in Russia.

“An investigation into these teachers began in December, 2006. They were both accused of high treason due to their participation in the so-called South Ossetian alternative Presidential elections. An investigation into every candidate taking place in these elections is in progress, and if I visit Tskhinvali, I will be imprisoned,” Chigoeva-Tsaboshvili stated.

Tamar Charaeva and Givi Chigoev have been held for more than a week. They have been sentenced to pre-trial imprisonment. (Interpressnews)

Ministers present action plans for 2009

The Law Enforcement and Economy Ministers presented their action plans for 2009 at the Government session yesterday.

The key priorities of the Economic Development Ministry are the promotion of the business sector and maintaining and creating new jobs. One of the key tasks of the Government is the attraction of investment into the country. The Defence Ministry will still focus on improving the Army’s fighting efficiency and integration into the North Atlantic Treaty Alliance.

At yesterday’s session of the Cabinet Ministers also discussed the Education Ministry’s plans. Nika Gvaramia said that the Ministry would publish a list of universities at which masters students will receive scholarships from the state budget. (Rustavi 2)

Wolves attack sheep in Gldani

Wolves have attacked 12 sheep belonging to the Giorgobiani family in Gldani village.

Four wolves entered the family’s cattle shed. The head of the family noticed that three of them were cubs. Local residents state that this is not the first time these wolves have appeared in the village. (Interpressnews)