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Do you support the idea of holding Presidential or Parliamentary elections?

Wednesday, March 11
“I think both elections are necessary. The reason is simple- they were both rigged last time.”
Maka, hairdresser, 29

“Yes, I support this idea. This Government should be changed and for this we need elections.”
Ano, housewife, 30

“I support this idea but I think the opposition will struggle to achieve this compromise.”
Maia, student, 21

“To my mind elections must be held in spring, because this is the only legal way to change the Government and thus stop all these terrible processes in our country.”
Gogi, driver, 48

“In my opinion we need both these elections to change our Government without taking military action, because there is no other way to do it.”
Nino, teacher, 37

“I think our Government must be changed. Mostly people don’t care how this will be done, but of course this is the most peaceful way.”
Misha, economist, 42

“I do not support the opposition’s demands. I think that at least once in the history of Georgia we should be able to elect a President without revolution or unrest. We should act like civilized normal people at last.”
Gia, teacher, 56

“Of course I support this. I think everyone in Georgia thinks we need a new President and a normal Parliament. Since the August war I have completely lost my trust in this Government. I believe the opposition will reach its goal.”
Lia, hospital nurse, 41

“I do not like our President, but I have one question. Is there anyone among the current opposition leaders who is going to be a good President? I can’t see a real candidate for the Presidency for now.”
Sulkhan, pensioner, 67