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How often do you go to restaurants and approximately how much do you spend?

Thursday, March 12
“I go to restaurants about twice a month and spend about GEL 80-120.”
Nikusha, student, 20

“Since Antre opened I have refused to go to traditional restaurants. I enjoy spending 3 nights a week at this tiny and cozy restaurant with my friends.”
Mariam, manager, 27

“I don’t visit restaurants so often but if it is on of my friends’ birthdays or a wedding party I go there.”
Meri, translator, 30

“Almost every Saturday or Sunday my friends and I are either in restaurants or in bars. I think half my salary is spent there but there is no other way, we should enjoy ourselves. I spend at least GEL 50 in restaurants.”
Irakli, bank employee, 29

“I have not been to a restaurant for ages, where is the money to spend there? It’s better to gather friends or relatives at home, it’s cheaper.”
Tamriko, housewife, 37

“I do not have my own salary yet, so I visit bars once or at most twice a month, spending about 30-40 GEL per visit.”
Giorgi, intern, 21

“My friends and I usually visit restaurants and bars every weekend and we spend about 200-300 GEL, which is about 40 GEL per person.”
Rezo, diplomat, 28

“I do not go to restaurants at all and do not spend any tetri. Right now I am having a party with my friends at home.”
Levan, student, 20

“I go to restaurants about 3 times a month, and spend about 30-40 lari each time. I go more often to the cafes.”
Tamta, journalist, 23

“Almost every week I go to our favourite restaurant with my friends. I don’t have to spend much there and that’s why we like that place.”
Zura, computer specialist, 23

“I don’t visit restaurants very often, only on holidays, when there is some reason for a celebration. Last time I spent GEL 50 there.”
Lali, sociologist, 29

“I often go to restaurants with my husband and our friends. As for the amount we spend there, it varies. Last time we spent for about GEL 120-130 but sometimes we don’t need to spend so much to have a good time out with our friends.”
Nutsa, student, 21