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Friday, March 13
Irakli Alasania – Georgia demands that the opposition consolidates

Irakli Alasania, the leader of the Alliance for Georgia, was at the National Agreement Declaration signing at Ilia Chavchavadze’s house museum yesterday.

Alasania told Interpressnews that yesterday’s meeting confirmed that society demands that the oppositional spectrum consolidates. “We confirm our respect for other opposition parties. We continue consulting with other opposition parties to familiarize ourselves with all the demands of society. We have realized very well how we must behave and what we should do after reaching our common goal – the resignation of the present Government,” Alasania remarked.

Irakli Alasania said that April 9 will be a sign of the Georgian political spectrum’s unity for Georgia and the world. (Interpressnews)

Sozar Subari sends letter to Thomas Hammarberg

Public Defender of Georgia Sozar Subari has sent a letter to Thomas Hammarberg, Commissioner for Human Rights of the Council of Europe.

The office of the Public Defender has told Interpressnews that Sozar Subari addressed the Commissioner concerning the detention of two Georgian citizens, Tamar Charaeva and Givi Chigoev, by the Government of South Ossetia. The letter states that: “Both of the detainees are old persons. Givi Chigoev recently underwent a serious operation; he is believed to have had a heart attack during his incarceration, and according to existing information no medical help was provided for him. Tamar Charaeva suffers from asthma.” The Public Defender asks the Commissioner to take an interest in this case.

Tamar Charaeva and Givi Chigoev were detained by Ossetian Police on March 4. They have been charged with high treason according to the criminal code of the Russian Federation. (Interpressnews)

Inga Grigolia quits as Deputy Director General of GPB

Journalist Inga Grigolia has resigned as Deputy Director General of the Georgian Public Broadcaster (GPB). She told Interpressnews that she wrote her resignation yesterday.

According to a statement Grigolia has released, the reason for her resignation was a statement made by GPB which was not agreed with her. She said that she does not agree with the statement.

“I do not share the position outlined in the statement. As I am a Deputy Director General I have therefore made the decision to leave my position, as when one has such a high post and does not agree with the rest of the leadership one has to stand up and go,” Inga Grigolia declared.

The journalist noted that her programme Political Week will still be broadcast on GPB. “My programme will be broadcast on GPB. I’ll be working as an ordinary journalist. I think my programme should be retained as it is an open tribune. Although there is such a problem with freedom of expression in the country, our live programme really reflects the processes of development in the country and it should therefore continue,” Inga Grigolia said, adding that while she is on GPB she will never have Irakli Okruashvili as a guest on her programme.

The GPB statement of March 10 said that one of the leaders of the Movement for United Georgia had asked for a guarantee that Inga Grigolia will interview Irakli Okruashvili via live video bridge on Political Week. (Interpressnews)

Experts concerned by the results of laboratory analysis

The Bio Codec company has published the results of laboratory analysis of several products sold in Georgian markets. This has revealed that 11 types of butter out of 27 are dangerous for health.

The experts found intestinal bacilli in the butter. In most cases, the product did not comply with the standards given on the labels. Excess moisture and a deficiency of fat were also revealed by analysis. (Rustavi 2)

New Rights object to easing of punishment

The New Rights party is objecting to the easing of punishment for Sandro Girgvliani`s murderers.

Pikria Chikhradze, the Political Secretary of the party, said that all four murderers’ sentences had been halved. The Party has received official confirmation of this from the Penitentiary Department. Dimitri Shashkin, the Penitentiary and Probation Minister, said this did not happen under his advice.

Sandro Girgvliani was found dead on January 28, 2006 on the outskirts of Tbilisi with multiple injuries inflicted as a result of physical abuse. (Rustavi 2)

Christian Democrats object to abolition of laboratory

The Christian Democratic faction in the Georgian Parliament objects to the abolition of the laboratory for radiation expertise. They think this will cause serious ecological trouble to the country. The party has sent a special address to the Security Council which asks that the laboratory be reactivated.

“Radiation security does not exist in the country today, because the Government has closed the laboratory and kicked out the qualified personnel who would have identified radiation in the products we use every day,” Nika Laliashvili, the Deputy Chair of the Christian Democratic faction, said. (Rustavi 2)