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Do you think there is any gender equality in Georgia?

Friday, March 13
“When women do men's jobs but simultaneously are under their husbands’ control, it’s hard to speak about any equality.”
Natia, student, 23

“No, I do not think that in any field in Georgia there is gender equality.”
Lasha, social worker, 28

“To talk seriously about this issue would take a lot of time but if this question is asked of Georgian men, they will say that "I know the women are in the kitchen." Fortunately not every man thinks like this but there are still problems with gender equality in Georgia.”
Ana, bank employee, 30

“To my mind our people have a terrible mentality, which states that people in senior posts must be men and women must sit at home and be housewives. I believe this is not right but we can do nothing”
Keti, student, 22

“There is no equality in Georgia but I think that a woman’s job is to sit at home and bring up children, and man must work and make money. If the woman works who will be sitting with the children? The man? I think this will be worse.”
Vano, teacher, 54

“I think yes, there is. Women have the same rights as men. They can study and work wherever they want. I don’t think Georgian women have any reason to complain about gender inequality.”
Giga, student, 20

“I think our society tends towards gender equality but in some families women have fewer rights than men. I even know a man who doesn’t want his wife to work and prevents this by any means he can. Unfortunately Georgian men still think that the kitchen is the only place suitable for women.”
Marina, teacher, 37

“I think gender inequality isn’t a problem in Georgia. In any case I don’t feel any discrimination from men.”
Anano, student, 19

“Gender equality is well protected in Georgia as I have never heard or seen that women are discriminated against due to the gender. I think women are well respected and many of us are working in very responsible and high positions. So, Georgia is a good example worldwide of how to maintain gender equality.”
Dali, doctor, 45