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Do you agree that snap elections should be held in the near future?

Thursday, March 19
“No, I have never agreed with holding snap elections. My position is that we should let the current Government do what it plans, and when 2013 comes we will be able to change the Government in a peaceful election.”
Lali, pensioner, 69

“I don’t know, the authorities have some faults and have made mistakes but they also do good things for the country and this should not be forgotten. Besides, I don’t know what kind of people will get in if we have snap elections. The opposition have not even told us what they will do if they win so how can I trust them?”
Neli, student, 22

“Certainly I support the opposition, because Saakashvili is not our President anymore and after losing the war he does not have the moral right to be in his post, he must go!”
Givi, taxi driver, 56

“Who should be changed? Don’t you think that if these people go the same faces who were in Government several months ago will return? There are no new faces whom the people can trust. I really don’t want Burjanadze to be my President, I prefer Saakashvili.”
Nikusha, student, 20

“I do not know what the point of holding snap elections every year is, if the result is the same. I really do not see the sense in this.”
Soso, dentist, 42

“I would like to see a new President in this country. Everyone is fed up with Saakashvili doing things that lead to catastrophe. I will go to the rally on April 9, I think this is our last chance to get rid of this Government.”
Shorena, nurse, 37

“Well I support the idea of snap elections, but I think these elections will be rigged as well. Anyway, it is better to hold elections this year than wait till 2013.”
Vano, pensioner, 73

“I do not see any candidate for the Presidency better than Misha. Is there anyone in the opposition able to do anything good in this situation? I think the answer is no. What we need now is not elections, but unity and patience to overcome all the troubles we are facing as a nation.”
Neli, pharmacist, 55

“I have never taken part in any elections, and will not vote if snap elections are announced tomorrow. I just do not care who will be President. They are all the same.”
Shalva, interpreter, 29