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Why are some Western politicians against Georgia’s NATO aspiration?

Friday, March 20
“I think Georgia is not ready for NATO, those foreign experts are right. The issue of Georgia entering NATO can be discussed in 10 years, but not now.”
Koka, lawyer, 24

“It is all because of the negative information campaign carried out against Georgia by the Russian authorities. Putin is trying his best to present Georgia to the whole world as an unreliable and underdeveloped country.”
Tornike, driver, 46

“Well, they see danger in our country, and why does Europe need an extra headache? They don’t want problems with Russia and this is quite understandable, because Russia in the hands of the two dictators [Putin and Medvedev] is becoming more dangerous every day.”
Nino, hairdresser, 30

“No matter what foreign or local experts say, it is obvious that Georgia will need a long time to make its dream about joining NATO come true. Georgia is a small country with big ambitions, but ambition is not usually enough to reach a goal.”
Lado, surgeon, 54

“It is because of Russia undoubtedly, but they should also take care of our small country, as we don’t have enough force to defend ourselves against such a giant. They should accept us into NATO, do they not care about our people living under permanent threat? Are they not worried a bit? Yes, everyday they say they are astonished about what happens in Georgia and condemn Russia’s actions but this does not change anything. Words and gestures are not enough!”
Nutsa, student, 21

“I have not heard anything about Western politicians making negative comments about Georgia. I think the US has supported Georgia’s NATO aspirations and this is the main thing. US opinion is respected.”
Vaso, policeman, 25

“I don’t know why are they against this, but I know that there are more people who support Georgia’s goal to join NATO than oppose it. I think if we go in the right direction and consider all the recommendations of international organizations we will certainly join NATO.”
Sergi, student, 23