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Which opposition political party or alliance are you most sympathetic to?

Monday, March 23
“I like the Alliance for Georgia. In my opinion all its three leaders are very serious and educated people. They know what they want to do. This is the main thing.”
Soso, geologist, 46

“I have always supported the Labour Party. It is the oldest and most experienced opposition party in Georgia I think. Unlike other opposition parties the Labour Party does a lot of things that positively affect the lives of Georgian citizens. I will vote for them at the next election.”
Shorena, teacher, 39

“All the opposition parties talk a lot and do nothing. I am sure that if any of the opposition parties come into power they will make the same mistakes the current Government is making.”
Gia, economist, 51

“I don’t like the opposition at all and never support them. No one needs their gossiping and crying, all the time blaming each other. Their only wish is to come to power and remove the President. If it happens, watch what will happen to the senior Ministers, they will kill each other!”
Sopo, accountant, 39

“I trust Burjanadze. She is smart, and knows in depth all the problems that Georgia is facing now. She is able to talk to everyone, including Russia. The Democratic Movement –United Georgia is the team I support now. I am sure these people can do a lot to make Georgia stronger and wealthier.”
Ia, PR specialist, 32

“I like the Christian Democrats. They are in opposition but always do their job and never waste time on extreme criticism and empty words.”
Beso, doctor, 45

“I don’t know. I think the New Rights and Republicans. Their alliance is the most powerful today and their popularity is greater than the others.”
Giga, student, 22

“They are so stupid, they have not even managed to satisfy their great desire and remove Saakashvili from the Presidency although they have tried for the last 3 years very actively. One says one thing, another a second thing, I don’t trust them really. Some of them say we Georgians started the war; it is obvious that this is not true, but even if Saakashvili really started the war why they are crying and saying it everywhere? They confirm Russia’s position that they just defended their citizens’ rights and crazy Saakashvili started the war. While, we, Georgians are so confrontational towards each other we will always be the losers.”
Keti, student, 20

“I like Labour and their leader Shalva Natelashvili. He is eccentric and in constant opposition.”
Masho, student, 19