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Tuesday, March 24
Davit Bakradze Heads for USA

Chairperson of the Georgian Parliament Davit Bakradze has left for the USA. Bakradze will hold meetings with the US President’s administration, Vice-President Joe Biden, Senators etc. The current situation in Georgia and Russian-Georgian relations will be discussed.

Davit Bakradze will leave the US for Denmark on March 29 and then visit Finland. He will hold official meetings in Finland with high-ranking Government members. The Chairman of the Georgian Parliament will return to Georgia on April 6.

Bakur Kvezereli observes Bagrationi 1882 production run

Georgian Minister of Agriculture Bakur Kvezereli has observed a production run by the Bagrationi 1882 company.

The head of the Press Service of the Agriculture Ministry, Giorgi Chaduneli, states that the Minister also took an interest in the number of jobs available at the factory. Bagrationi 1882 representatives stated that 170 people are employed in the factory and this figure will rise in the near future.

Bakur Kvezereli also plans to visit other companies to get acquainted with their production processes and the employment opportunities they offer.

Tskhinvali regime releases Givi Chigoev and Tamar Charoeva

The so-called law enforcers of the Tskhinvali puppet regime have released Givi Chigoev and Tamar Charoeva, residents of Akhalgori. They had been imprisoned for treason against the ‘country.’

Interpressnews was informed by Governor of the Akhalgori region Avtandil Kochishvili that Chigoev and Charoeva have returned home and their health condition is normal. “Tskhinvali released the detained persons three days ago and according to our information they feel fine,” Avtandil Kochishvili stated.

The so-called State Security Committee of the Tskhinvali puppet regime detained Givi Chigoev, Chairman of the 3rd Secondary School Council, on March 4.

Stockholm Association of Hard of Hearing to help refugees from Abkhazia

The Stockholm Association of the hard of hearing will help refugees from Abkhazia. Interpressnews was informed of it by coordinator of the aid programme Maia Johnson.

“A six-member delegation from the Association, including high level specialists, will visit Zugdidi, the whole of Samegrelo and Kutaisi to examine refugees from Abkhazia. Each patient will be personally given hearing apparatus,” Maia Johnson stated.

The delegation will begin to visit the regions on March 25.

Another Eurovision 2009 scandal

Another scandal has broken around the 2009 Eurovision Song Contest as the composition which won the right to be the Swedish entry was performed.

Local comics performed a reworking of a popular Russian song. The lyrics of the song include the phrase “Bye-bye Putin” and the set for the performance was decorated with Russian symbols, a Russian star and dolls, a bear and even the Russian national anthem.

The Russian Embassy in Sweden promptly expressed its protest, which was followed by an official apology from the organizers of the Swedish competition; however, the Swedish public, who have been accused of Russophobia, believe the composition should be performed in Moscow, which is hosting Eurovision 2009.
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Police find stolen bust of Nodar Dumbadze

The stolen bust of well-known Georgian writer Nodar Dumbadze was recovered yesterday morning. Police found it in the bushes behind its pedestal.

This is the second such act of vandalism in the Children`s Town of Mziuri. Municipal official Phati Davituliani says it is very concerning because the people who did this, will have to bring their children up reading works by Nodar Dumbadze. She says vandalism has been very frequent in the capital recently.
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