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Do you think people are being arrested for political reasons in Georgia?

Tuesday, March 24
“Of course. What happened today is a clear indication of the fact that the Government is trying to get rid of its opponents by unfair means.”
Tina, journalist, 35

“We still have to hear the reasons why these people were detained. Nothing is very clear so far. It is too early to accuse the Government of arresting people for political reasons I think.”
Dato, engineer, 51

“Yes that’s right. Unfortunately many political prisoners are being punished for their views and activities.”
Sandro, artist, 31

“I think yes, there are many political prisoners in Georgia. Those who haven’t been arrested yet, are beaten or punished in some other way.”
Tatia, student, 20

“Yes, unfortunately. It happened during the Shevardnadze Presidency and it happens even now. No progress.”
Manana, pensioner, 64

“Our Government is trying to save itself by all possible and impossible means. I hope detaining the opposition members will be the worst step they take. I am afraid some worse things might happen. God save us from that.”
Ketino, doctor, 46

“Political arrests have been left in the past. I hope this is not the reason these people were arrested this time. I believe the current Government will not conduct repressions in the 21st century.”
Maia, sales manager, 34

“What we are seeing today is disgusting. It is an attempt by the Government to maintain its regime. But it will be an unsuccessful attempt. No matter what happens, we will be standing at the rally on April 9.”
Meri, pensioner, 70

“I don’t know what exactly happened today. Maybe those people are really guilty. Who knows? I trust neither the state officials nor the opposition.”
Valeri, lawyer, 29