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Compiled by Londa Mindiashvili
Monday, March 30
Prisoners will be released if a suitable organisation requests it

Rezonansi writes that Dmitri Shashkin, the Penitentiary Minister, has formulated a new initiative. If any well-known, authoritative organization advocates for the release of a prisoner, they will be released.

Shashkin presented this initiative to the Parliament of Georgia two days ago and explained that this kind of programme is common in many European countries and works well. It is called Outsourcing.

“We are ready to hold consultations and carry on a dialogue with society, in order to involve people in making our systems work, and to sign a treaty with authoritative organizations. The new system would mean that both ourselves and the organisation which demands it will take responsibility for the released prisoners.

“We are holding negotiations with the Patriarchate of Georgia. If Tbilisi State University also considers that there are prisoners who should be released, we will share responsibility for ensuring the future good conduct of these people,” Shashkin stated.

People are leaving Akhalgori

Rezonansi writes that the people who remained in Akhalgori after the occupation are leaving the region due to their unemployment and indigence. According to Mr. Pitskhelauri, the Governor of Akhalgori region, after the Ossetian separatists and Russian occupiers came people abandoned their various businesses and stopped breeding cattle.

“The main business in Akhalgori was cattle-breeding, but after the occupation all the locals sold their cattle. People, who worked in Government service continue to take their wages whether or not they are still at work. It would not be true to say that the main reason for the migration is indigence, because people also have many other problems. I cannot say exactly how many people have already left Akhalgori,” Pitskhelauri stated.

Covert surveillance tapes will be used to impeach the President of Georgia

Sakartvelos Respublika reports that NGO representatives have declared that showing surveillance tapes on television is a well-known Government method of trying to deceive and intimidate society before the large scale protest actions to be held on April 9.

According to NGO representatives secret audio and video recordings made through hidden cameras in various political party offices by special services agents, will become the basis for the impeachment of the President of Georgia.