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How realistic is the possibility of people using firearms during the rallies?

Monday, March 30
“I do not know whether they will use firearms or not but I think the right opinion will win.”
Arseni, engineer, 55

“I cannot say anything about this. I do not get involved in politics, I don’t care about that, so I cannot say exactly what will happen.”
Marina, psychologist, 32

“I do not think they will use firearms and, in my opinion, they should not do this, because we have had very bad experience of such behaviour and should not happen again.”
Ia, housewife, 33

“I do not think that either side will use firearms. It will happen only under provocation.”
Dali, doctor, 45

“I think it must not happen. This has happened before and a lot of people were killed. If this happens again, it will be the end of Georgia.”
Luiza, philologist, 78

“I think this is very realistic, because we saw the videos, which clearly shown members of Nino Burjanadze’s party buying arms. If they are in their right minds however they should not use firearms.”
Dariko, nurse, 64

”Firearms should not be used. I hope it will not happen. I hope they will not use firearms.”
Dali, nurse, 43

“I want to believe that it won’t happen. Violence doesn’t help anyone. They will lose the trust of people for ever.”
Darejani, teacher, 56

“I think these demonstrations won’t be as peaceful as they claim. Saakashvili won’t go and they won’t calm down easily. I hope God will save us.”
Anastasia, student, 21

“I’m sure the situation won’t be strained. I don’t believe these videos. Our country has already experienced civil war and its terrible loss. I’m sure the same mistake won’t be made again.”
Paata, physicist, 43