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Compiled by Sopo Datishvili
Tuesday, March 31
Tortladze criticizes ex-members of Burjanadze’s group

24 Saati reports that Gia Tortladze is sure that society is capable of correctly evaluating the attempts by some non-Parliamentary opposition representatives to aggravate the current situation. He said this in response to a comment by Kakha Kukava, who said that the Government was trying to use the suggestion of dialogue as bait for the opposition.

Tortladze added that the ex-members of Nino Burjanadze’s group now in opposition make the situation more radical when the country doesn’t need any radicalizations. As for the forming of a new ‘Burjanadze group’ among non-Parliamentary opposition representatives, this is unacceptable for Tortladze. “I still think they have one thing in common – money,” he stated.

Family sleeps in hostel entrance

Akhali Taoba reports that the Gabunias, a family of three, have been spending their days and nights in the entrance to a hostel for a week. This family of Abkhazian refugees had lived for several months in the Aieti hostel with their relatives, but after the host asked them to leave the family was put out onto the street. They say they have nowhere to go so will probably continue to live in the hostel entrance.

The Gabunia family has appealed to different agencies for help but their problem is still unresolved. The neighbours say that the family is extremely hard up and the offices of health care, social protection and refugees should care about their welfare. Those who live in Aieti say that there are many locked and unused rooms in the building and any of them could be given to the refugee family as a temporary shelter.

Poti City Hall has made no official comment on this case but in private conversations officials say that the family is registered in Khobi and therefore they can’t give them proper assistance.

4,500 signatures already collected in Poti

Akhali Taoba reports that according to the head of the Alliance for Georgia Poti office, Irakli Kakulia, 4,500 signatures have already been collected in Poti on the plebiscite demanding snap elections.

“The process of collecting signatures continues. We work in two ways: we put our stalls in different districts of the town and also use “door to door” canvassing. Our aim is to change Saakashvili’s authoritarian regime, which is dangerous for the country,” Kakulia said.

The Alliance for Georgia has been collecting signatures in Poti since March 20 and will continue until March 31. They will be sent to the main office of the party.