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What do you think Saakashvili’s biggest mistake has been?

Tuesday, March 31
“He shouldn’t have been so violent. He used violence in everything and especially in business. Many people in Georgia are simply annoyed with him.”
Marina, hairdresser, 34

“The mistakes were so many that it is difficult to point out only one of them. I think he shouldn’t have been radical and eccentric in foreign politics, and then the war wouldn’t have happened.”
Badri, economist, 38

“Saakashvili shouldn’t have got involved in the Russian provocation a year ago. I think this was his most serious mistake.”
Maka, student, 21

“He has made many mistakes during his Presidency, but one which is impossible to forgive, is entering Tskhinvali with troops. As a result we lost more territories, many civilians and soldiers. This is in my opinion his biggest mistake.”
Tazo, unemployed, 31

“His biggest mistake was that he started to believe that he was the best in Georgia and the country had no alternative. This extremely high self-confidence made him decide things without consulting anyone around him, which in the end brought the country to catastrophe.”
Sandro, journalist, 24

“Of course November 7 is our President’s biggest mistake. I still can’t understand why he did it. I am sure the people standing outside Parliament would have gone home in a couple of days without any interference by the police. I hope November 7 will never be repeated in Georgia.”
Ira, nurse, 45

“It was a mistake to set up a Government with young inexperienced staff. And I think that spending money from the budget for personal needs is also very bad.”
Natia, lawyer, 23

“Saakashvili’s biggest mistake is that he keeps unreliable and discredited people in his team. I think people like Bokeria, Merabishvili and Akhalaia have only a bad influence on his decisions.”
Gia, economist, 32