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Which is the most acute problem Georgia faces?

Wednesday, April 1
“Certainly it is our lost territories; if they are again brought under our control I will say Georgia has no acute problems, even financial ones.”
Meri, teacher, 35

“Georgia’s most acute problem is that it has never had the Government and President it deserves. Don’t think I’m an opposition-minded person though, even among the opposition I cannot see a worthy President of Georgia.”
Sandro, architect, 58

“Oh, it has so many problems it is really difficult to point to just one. The problems of IDPs, economic and financial problems, internal problems such as the confrontation between the administration and opposition and of course the breakaway territories.”
Nunuka, housewife, 61

“Unemployment is the main problem in Georgia; moreover, since the global economic crisis began many people have been dismissed from their jobs. Personally I’ve graduated from Tbilisi State University Faculty of Law but unfortunately cannot find a job.”
Saba, unemployed, 26

“I would underline the unemployment problem, which against the background of the global financial crisis has become more real. People have become depressed recently, especially young people, who have lost their hope of being employed somewhere.”
Levani , economist, 23

“I think poverty is the most serious problem in Georgia. A lot of people are unemployed and some of them even can’t feed their children.”
Gvantsa, student, 23

“The problems are too many but every citizen of Georgia is primarily worried about one, our territorial unity. The refugees and IDPs, who live in every public building in the city already, should be returned to their homes. Our children should see the beauty of Abkhazia but this sounds like a dream at present.”
Dali, teacher, 57

“I think the most acute problem Georgia faces is separatism. 20% of our land is in the hands of Russia. Unfortunately this problem becomes more and more unresolvable as time passes.”
Nino, doctor, 46

“I have not received my salary for 4 months, so in my opinion the biggest problem in Georgia is the financial crisis. I do not know how long it will last and I don’t know how long we will be able to cope with the lack of money. Me personally, I am fed up.”
Phridon, accountant, 23

“I think the biggest problem is the lost territories. Last year we added some more territories to this list. I wonder if we will ever be able to get them back? I think only time will tell.”
Tamta, student, 20