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Compiled by Londa Mindiashvili
Friday, April 3
How will Georgian media holdings report the events of April 9?

Rezonansi writes that Georgian media holdings have not yet decided how they will report the protest actions which will be held in front of the Parliament building on April 9.

Rustavi 2, which reported the Rose Revolution live, states that it will “react appropriately to the events.” Mamuka Glonti, the Director of Maestro TV, says that a live broadcast of the manifestation of April 9 is possible. Nino Jangirashvili, Director of Information Services for Kavkasia TV, says the station will report the various events according to their importance for the public.

Imedi TV and First Channel have not yet decided how they will approach the protests. Different political and social movements have demanded that First Channel report the protest actions, but Marina Vekua, head of the Control Board of the channel, says the management of the channel is yet to discuss this.

“The most important is to report the events objectively. Broadcasting them every four hours is not enough, because people who live in the Georgian regions are not being informed this way and they need objective and timely reports. It is very important for me to report everything timeously, adequately and realistically. The organizers of the protest actions do not know when a journalist will come to or leave the protests,” said Vekua.

OSCE will oversee exchange of captives

Rezonansi reports that an exchange of captives between the OSCE and Tskhinvali, under the supervision of the OSCE, will begin.

According to Davit Sanakoev, a representative of the de facto South Ossetian Government, twelve Ossetian citizens are being held captive by Georgian special services agents.

“According to the Ossetians we have arrested fourteen-fifteen men. As regards Georgian captives, we know Kobaladze has been arrested but there is a great likelihood that the Ossetians may have many more captive Georgians than we are aware of. It is difficult to say how plausible OSCE being the mediator might prove, but it may work,” states political analyst Mamuka Areshidze.

Davit Bakradze holds meetings in Denmark

24 Saati writes that Davit Bakradze, the Georgian Parliament Speaker, is paying an official visit to Denmark. Bakradze has already held a meeting in the Danish Parliament and met his Danish counterpart Thor Pedersen.

“The Danish Parliament supports the ongoing democratic reforms and territorial integrity of Georgia,” Pedersen stated. “Russia continues violating all international agreements and builds military bases on the territory of Georgia. Eleven Georgian policemen were killed last month. The Georgian population, living in the occupied territories, is oppressed,” said Bakradze.

Bakradze has also paid an official visit to the Queen of Denmark.

Appeal by Rector of Sokhumi State University

Sakartvelos Respublika reports that the acting Rector of Sokhumi State University in Exile, which is based in Tbilisi, has appealed to students to behave reasonably. The Media Centre of Abkhazia states that Joni Apakidze and members of the Academic Council have met students and discussed the ongoing processes in Georgia with them.

“We are not a political organization; this is an educational institution, where we should enhance our education. We are not against political activity, everyone can express his opinion, but, to our mind, the events of 1990 must not be repeated,” stated Apakidze. “We would be very careful and reasonable. We must not forget our main aim is to return to Abkhazia,” said the students.