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Would you like Catholicos-Patriarch of All Georgia Ilia II to intervene in the current political developments?

Friday, April 3
Im sure the Catholicos-Patriarch of Georgia should interfere in current political developments. Ilia II should appeal to everyone to keep calm.
Natia, teacher, 28

The Catholicos-Patriarch intervenes in political developments quite enough and tries his best to reconcile the opposition and the Government.
Nazi, housewife, 58

I can say nothing yet; lets see what happens on April 9. If the situation strains, then he should intervene. The Patriarchs influence is great and he is capable of changing much.
Tea, philosopher, 33

Yes Id like this to happen and Im sure it will. The Patriarch wont leave Georgians without help at such a difficult time. Im sure he is praying for peace even now.
Lika, student, 18

In my opinion, Catholicos-Patriarch Ilia II must intervene in current political developments, because he does not give bad advice and his words will be useful for our country.
Ia, housewife, 38

As a rule, the Catholicos-Patriarch must not interfere in political processes, but in this case, to my mind, he should.
Lia, engineer, 33

I think the Patriarch has great influence on people and can change the situation. Ilia II should intervene.
Nino, student, 19

Our Patriarch has always stood with his people when the country needed it. Im sure if he sees that some tragedy might happen he will intervene in current political developments.
Neli, teacher, 54

I think Ilia II should intervene in current political developments and appeal to people for stability, because there is a danger of confrontation between Georgian people.
Irakli, IT specialist, 22