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Appeal to the Georgian Armed Forces, the Georgian Police and the Georgian Security Services

Monday, April 6
Fellow countrymen,

In this time of trial, we again come with an important message for our brothers and sons – our future, our flesh and our blood.

The Georgian people can no longer tolerate the irresponsible behaviour of their leadership and are standing up against their immoral and criminal governance. We say to you that this is not a confrontation between the Georgian people. It is a confrontation between the Georgian people and its helpless and inhumane leadership, a fight between good and evil, right and wrong, morality and injustice.

There is a danger that the crumbling regime may quell the people’s resolve by having recourse to Georgia’s police or armed forces.

The Georgian people count on your common sense and hold out their strong belief that any senseless attempt by this regime to use force against its own people will be overcome by your wisdom and devotion to your homeland. We are confident that each and every one of you will never confront your own people, your parents, your brothers and sisters.

We assure you that the will of the Georgian people will come to fruition in a peaceful way. We know that better days are ahead of us which we will ultimately enjoy together.

The Georgian Academy

The Public Assembly

The Coalition of Non-Governmental Organizations

Appeal published as a commercial request