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Monday, April 6
Patriarch hopes April 9 will pass peacefully

The Catholicos-Patriarch of All Georgia, His Holiness and Beatitude Ilia II called the congregation to prayer once again yesterday.

In his weekly sermon Ilia II expressed the hope that April 9 will pass peacefully. “I hope the opposition and the Georgian Government will find ways [of dealing with other] that are constructive and positive for Georgia and that April 9 will pass peacefully,” Ilia II declared.

The Catholicos-Patriarch congratulated the congregation on the coming Annunciation.

Pardoning prisoners planned for Easter

Another prison pardon is planned for Easter, Gia Arsenishvili, Chairman of the Parliamentary Committee for Human Rights, has told Interpressnews.

Arsenishvili, who is also a member of the Pardon Commission, highlighted that the President pardons prisoners every year for Easter. Gia Arsenishvili did not say however if a session of the Commission had already been held, whether the cases of specific prisoners have been discussed or whether recommendations have been sent to the President.

Recommendations to pardon prisoners are sent to the President by the Pardon Commission, the Patriarchate and the Prosecutor’s Office - the President taking the final decision in each case.

Reconstruction of Bagrati medieval church begun

Reconstruction of the Bagrati Church, the medieval monument which used to be the biggest church in Georgia before its destruction, has started. Archbishop Kalistrate of Kutaisi and Gaenati has blessed the process.

Structural research has been undertaken in the church for several months. The reinforcing of walls, foundations and columns will be undertaken, for which GEL 600,000 has been allocated from the state budget.

The project, which will restore the original appearance of Bagrati Church will be completed by the end of the year. The church is being reconstructed on the Georgian President`s initiative.
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Dispossessed man, 70, dies of heart attack

A man suddenly made homeless has died from a heart attack in the village of Velistsikhe, Gurjaani district, Kakheti Region. Neighbours said fire broke out in the two-floor house of the Gabruashvili family and it had completely burnt down before the fire brigade arrived at the site. Several minutes later head of the family Bitchiko Gabruashvili, 70, had a heart attack and died.

A short circuit is presumed to have caused the fire.
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Georgian women`s NGO founded

Mothers for the Homeland, an apolitical union of women, has been founded. Representatives of the organization made a special statement in the courtyard of the Georgian Public Defender’s office yesterday, calling upon all women to consolidate against aggression. They added that the only resolution of the situation in the country would be a peaceful one.

About a hundred women, including actresses, journalists, scholars and representatives of different fields have joined the organization.
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