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What did you think about the April 9 rally? What did you like and not like about it?

Friday, April 10
“I don’t like this protest in general. They have made people come out without giving them a definite plan of how they are going to act if Saakashvili leaves.”
Rati, student, 20

“There were thousands of people at the rally, and I think this is already a big success for the opposition, but I think this won’t last long. Saakashvili isn’t going to resign and they will go home.”
Nato, historian, 35

“I’m really tired of all these rallies. I don’t see any sense in standing in the street in order to replace the criminal with some new criminals. I don’t trust any of them and I don’t participate in these rallies”
Givi, driver, 53

“Saakashvili has made a lot of mistakes and he should go. I can say nothing yet about these demonstrations, time will show us if they are successful or not, but I think the opposition is strong now.”
Vaja, engineer, 57

“I was at the rally and I expected more people to come. I don’t think that these people will achieve their goal of making Saakashvili leave.”
Manana, doctor, 44

“I have the same feeling I had during the Rose Revolution; there are hundreds of thousands of people on the street. I think that together we can make him [Saakashvili] finally leave.”
Gennadi, engineer, 49

“I think it is necessary to express our opinion. I did not attend the rally but I watched it live on TV all day long. I think Saakashvili will not resign but I am sure he will hear the voices of people and think more about what he has done and what he has to do. I hope the rallies will end peacefully. This is the most important issue I think.”
Lia, pensioner, 62

“I do not support this rally. I think people are standing in the street in vain. Saakashvili is not going to resign, and I also think that he should not resign. The leaders of the opposition are former members of Saakashvili’s team. Why should I support them?”
Maka, accountant, 23

“If the opposition and rally participants’ aim is to overthrow Saakashvili, I think this is very unrealistic, I am sure they will be frustrated. Saakashvili will not resign. The maximum the opposition can gain is some compromise through dialogue. I think Saakashvili’s resignation should not be the demand of the opposition. With this demand they are burning their bridges behind them.”
Tamta, journalist, 24

“There are no other means of protest left. I am happy that today’s demonstration has ended peacefully. I went to the rally today, and I will go there until the ultimate goal is reached. I am sure it is quite possible that Saakashvili will leave his post if he sees that people are serious about wanting this.”
Gia, unemployed, 41