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Who is to blame for the incident in front of Parliament?

Monday, April 13
“Of course it is in the interests of the Government to conduct provocations in order to have an excuse to disperse peaceful demonstrators as they did on November 7. The scenario is almost the same, cleaners were involved in both cases. It is all so obvious.”
Nana, housewife, 43

“I have thought about it a lot, but I still don’t have a clear idea of who did it. It is very hard to blame either side. But still seems that the opposition is more interested in starting unrest, because as time goes by fewer and fewer people will go out to protest. And of course this is a very big problem for the opposition leaders.”
Shota, bank employee, 36

“Only Saakashvili’s people could start a fight on the eve of a holy day. Everything is clear. The President is feeling uncomfortable about so many people standing outside the Parliament demanding his resignation. So he wants to scare them with such actions. However he must realize that if he uses this strategy more and more people will go out into the streets. Everyone is just fed up.”
Tsiuri, teacher, 54

“I think the Government provoked this incident, because no police appeared and the Deputy Minister made a nonsensical statement about it. These things prove this was done by the Government.”
Ana, musician, 27

“In my opinion the protestors are to blame for the incident. There is a high possibility that they insulted the representatives of the cleaning agency, because they work for the Mayor of Tbilisi, and this caused the dispute.”
Cismar, teacher, 50

”I was an eyewitness and I can say without any hesitation that it was a very ordinary dispute. One of the yard-keepers said that Gigi Ugulava, the Mayor of Tbilisi, was not allowing them to clean the area, and the Mayor of Tbilisi pays their salaries whereas the opposition leaders do not. Therefore they said they had no duty to clean. This caused the dispute and the breaking of the computers.”
Darejan, shop assistant, 36

”I think it is a Government provocation. They did it in order to accuse the protestors of being aggressive. The Government will use the incident for its own ends.”
Goga, student, 18

“The Government, of course. Although it was a great Christian holiday they had no shame and committed such a provocation.”
Nunu, shop assistant, 45

“Of course City Hall staff were involved in this incident but I’m sure either side was right. I don’t know who started the dispute, maybe the participants of the rally, why not? This isn’t excluded.”
Nino, artist, 32

“I don’t know, but City Hall should have known that something like that could have happened and should have been more careful. This would have been better for them and the opposition too. Now we welcome Palm Sunday with such an unpleasant incident.”
Tamar, sociologist, 36