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Do you think the opposition is funded by Russian oligarchs?

Tuesday, April 14
"Oh I'm so fed up with all this talk about Russian oligarchs financing somebody or something. Why are we always trying to look somewhere else for answers? We should stop thinking about Russian oligarchs and spies and start thinking about how to drag this country out of its mess."
Nino, interpreter, 36

“I don’t think so. The opposition doesn’t seem to have serous financial backing. I think this is a product of the Government’s imagination. If they have facts to support this contention let them show us, as they always do.”
Tea, economist, 31

“I think they might be funded indirectly. Perhaps some of them even don’t know that their sponsors are Russian oligarchs.”
Shota, student, 21

“I think that every rally needs serious preparation and money. The opposition isn’t financed by Badri Patarkatsishvili any more so who gives them money this time? We cannot exclude that Russian oligarchs stand behind them”
Tamazi, biologist, 45

“Well I cannot say for sure who funds the opposition and I don’t exclude either they are being financed from Russia because they themselves don’t say openly where their money comes from. maybe it is Russia, maybe the US who knows? But what they demand is closer to Russian interests than American.”
Giga, IT specialist, 36

“I have heard that Saakashvili has said that the opposition is funded by Russian oligarchs. If this is true let him release documents proving it. I am sure no Georgian will go to the rally on the next day if he does so.”
Lali, housewife, 51

“No, this is absurd. Don’t believe such stupid things. I cannot imagine that those particular politicians are cooperating with Russian businessmen.”
Vano, driver, 43