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Compiled by Sopo Datishvili
Wednesday, April 15
Journalists aren’t allowed into Parliament

Rezonansi reports that journalists and members of the public are being prevented from entering the Parliament building. The authorities say that they have taken this step because they are seeking to avoid possible provocations, but no one has explained what provocations are expected.

This restriction was ordered by Parliament Speaker Davit Bakradze, as the head of the Parliament’s PR Department, Maka Gigauri, confirmed. She added that the restriction will last until the end of the week. She doesn’t exclude that the date of its lifting might be changed according to circumstances.

Gigauri also explained that if committee hearings are planned journalists will be able to present their accreditation if they wish to enter. She could not say whether journalists would be allowed to attend the Parliamentary session next week.

Eduard Kokoity: I don’t want bloodshed in Georgia

Sakartvelos Respublika reports that leader of the Ossetian separatists Eduard Kokoity has dedicated a press conference to the events in Georgia, at which he said that the demonstrations are being held against an international criminal.

“This man [President Saakashvili] has committed a crime against the Ossetian and Georgian people. Georgia and Ukraine haven’t developed as countries yet. There is a serious political crisis in Georgia, and Ukraine has not been able to solve its own problems for a long time,” Kokoity said, adding that in spite of the great misery Georgia has brought to the Ossetian people, he doesn’t want bloodshed in Georgia.

“I want only that intelligent people take charge of the country. We are tired of sick politicians and we want to have relations with normal ones,” he said. “We are ready to live in a peaceful neighbourhood. We should do our best to forget the wounds of recent history, though such things are never entirely forgotten,” Kokoity stated.

The Russian aggression won’t be repeated, Davit Bakradze says

Rezonansi reports that Parliament Speaker Davit Bakradze is sure that Russia won’t start any military action against Georgia. Bakradze stated this while commenting on the current military readiness of the Russian 58th Army.

“Although the Russian military contingent is on action alert in the occupied territories of the country, Russia won’t start military actions. This is a provocation designed to test our nerves. We should not give them a chance to use what is happening now as a chance to interfere in our politics. We shouldn’t show that we are unable to resist them.

“The psychological pressure and provocation Russia applies now won’t work and the Georgian side won’t get involved in it,” Bakradze stated.

Khalvashi’s lawyers send additional materials to Strasbourg

Rezonansi reports that the lawyers of businessman Kibar Khalvashi have sent additional materials to the Strasbourg court and asked it to stop the auctioning off of his properties.

“As you know, on May 13 the property of Kibar Khalvashi will be sold via an auction organised by the Large Scale Taxpayers’ Inspection. We have sent additional materials to the Strasbourg Court. We have asked that the auction is not held until the Strasbourg Court has finished discussion of the case. We will receive an answer in three days and we hope that Strasbourg will make one more fair decision,” said Dimitri Gabunia, Khalvashi’s lawyer.