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Azerbaijan, Georgia and Turkey ready to create direct energy bridge

By Messenger Staff
Tuesday, April 21
President of Azerbaijan national energy body Azerenergy Etibar Pirverdiev has stated that Azerbaijan, Georgia and Turkey are ready to create a direct energy bridge. Currently a feasibility study on this is being carried out.

Pirverdiev has stated that this project is very important and rational from the economic point of view. It will rehabilitate the old 500 kilowatt electro transmission line which has connected Georgia and Azerbaijan since Communist times. When this is done Azerbaijan will be able to enter the Turkish market.

Pirverdiev stated that today 90 percent of Georgia’s electricity is produced by hydro electric stations, but in Azerbaijan 90 percent is produced by power stations. If the electricity potentials of these countries are unified it will be possible to export around 600 megawatts of electric energy to Turkey, 450 from Azerbaijan, 150 from Georgia. Skeptics argue, however that this project has been discussed more than for ten years already.