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How will a third wave of opposition protests develop?

Tuesday, April 21
“I do not think that the third wave of opposition protests will bring any effective results, including Saakashvili's resignation. I still want to believe that the conflicting parties will agree to dialogue. This is the only way to reach a consensus.”
Diana, IT specialist, 25

“The third wave will be the crucial one because now everything will be decided. Misha must go! I will go to the rally for as long as it is necessary.”
Levan, student, 22

“Enthusiasm among the protestors has already decreased because of the days off. When you start something and take so many people into the streets with you you should reach your goal immediately or it will not be fulfilled later.”
Nineli, teacher, 48

“I strongly believe that opposition will manage to remove Saakashvili and his Government from their seats. I am sure this will happen soon and Georgia will be released from the demons.”
Sergo, pensioner, 71

“Let’s see what will happen. It is so difficult to make a prognosis today but I’m almost sure that Saakashvili does not even think about resigning. I am neither pro-opposition nor pro-Government and cannot tell who would be better for Georgia, Saakashvili or Burjanadze. But still, I prefer Saakashvili.”
Tika, student, 18

“I thought that the main goal would have been achieved on April 9 or in 2-3 days. I am a bit frustrated.”
Kakhi, builder, 50

“I don’t think the third wave of protests will be as strong as the first was. And I am also sure that the opposition will not be able to reach its goal, because they simply have no strategy.”
Eka, insurance agent, 31

“I hope very much that Saakashvili will resign. But in order for this to happen very many people should come out in the streets. I do not think only Tbilisi residents will be enough for this, people from all the Georgian regions should join the rally. Then Saakashvili will have no option but to resign.”
Akaki, teacher, 47

“Nothing will happen at all. People will gather once more, shout in front of Parliament and go home. This is what I think will happen.”
Tamta, student, 22