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Georgian Government to build gas depository

By Messenger Staff
Wednesday, April 22
The Georgian Government has taken an in-principle decision to build a gas depository in Ninotsminda, where gas is extracted. According to preliminary analysis, project work for the depository will be completed in 9 months and two more years will be needed to construct the facility itself.

It is still unknown who the main funder of the project will be. At present the gas depository is being designed to hold 400 million cubic metres of gas which will supply the whole country for 2-3 months. The co-funder of the construction will be the Millennium Challenge Fund (USA).

The gas depository will significantly improve the energy security of the country. The country will no longer run the risk of serious social problems due to a service breakdown or premeditated diversion if the gas depository is built. Furthermore gas received as part of transit fees which is not needed at the time it is received can be stored in the gas depository.