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Who do you think can be called the leader of the opposition?

Wednesday, April 22
“It is very difficult to identify who the real leader is right now. From my point of view the opposition does not have one strong leader, and this is a real problem for them. But there is a top three of leaders, Alasania, Gachechiladze and Zourabichvili, at least I consider them the leaders of the opposition.”
Tamta, student, 23

“It seems that Irakli Alasania has the most authority among opposition leaders now. He looks more solid and serious than the others. But it is impossible to say that he is an absolute leader.”
Shalva, bank employee, 31

“Levan Gachechiladze has charisma, definitely. He knows how to play the public and it gains him a lot of points. He almost won the last Presidential elections and this says a lot about his popularity among Georgian citizens. I voted for him then and will vote for him if he is nominated for the next elections.”
Tea, housewife,37

“Shalva Natelashvili is my favorite. Unlike others standing at the rally he has never betrayed his principles in exchange for better living conditions or a position in the Government. I have been watching him and his party and I think he has done very good things over the years. He is a real opposition leader.”
Nato, pensioner, 70

“I can’t name any leaders of the opposition. Right now they themselves don’t know who their leader is and who is doing what. Everything looks messed up in the opposition group.”
Giorgi, architect, 45

“Irakli Alasania I think. He is a very intelligent and serious politician. He has all the qualities needed to be a good leader.”
Tamriko, shop assistant, 39

“The opposition doesn’t have a leader. Some of them claim that the leader is Alasania, some Irakli Okruashvili, but they don’t have one real leader. This is their main problem and their protest seems to be useless because of this.”
Gvantsa, philologist, 24

“I can see no leaders among the opposition. They have failed to unite around one strong and highly rated figure.”
Archili, sportsman, 27