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ICC-Georgia meets with Parliamentary minority

Friday, April 24
ICC-Georgia hosted representatives of the Parliamentary opposition on April 21 to discuss different options for resolving the current crisis

Among the key speakers present at the meeting were Giorgi Targamadze - Leader of Parliamentary Minority and the Christian Democrats, Magda Anikashvili - a member of the Christian Democrats who sits on the Committee on Healthcare, and Guram Chakhvadze of the National Democratic Party

Part of the mission of ICC-Georgia is to link its members regularly with various stakeholders to maintain a permanent dialogue while remaining neutral in the process. This meeting sought to highlight the myriad of perspectives surrounding the current political standoff, focusing on political responsibilities towards businesses and society.

Following a discussion of strategic options and perspectives for the future, both parties agreed that a partnership between Government and private sector to discuss laws and maintain a regular exchange of viewpoints is the only guarantee for stability, and both said they will continue to lobby to improve the Georgian economy and create a better investment climate.