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Do you think the NATO exercises should be held in Georgia?

Friday, April 24
“Of course NATO exercises should be held in Georgia. These exercises will improve the interrelations between the partner countries. And this will be one more step towards having a strong army.”
Davit, engineer, 56

“I like the idea of holding NATO exercises in Georgia, because this is very important for our military forces. Our country needs a strong, well trained army. Besides, these exercises will be propitious for improving relations between Georgia and its partner countries. This will be one of the main factors which will help Georgia join NATO.”
Goga, student, 21

“NATO exercises are really important and necessary, but to hold these exercises in Georgia is dangerous for our country nowadays. Russia is against these exercises, and we have already had difficult relations with this country.”
Maka, housewife, 34

“In my opinion, the NATO exercises should be held in Georgia. These exercises are essential for our country. We do not care about the position of Russia.”
Lasha, sculptor, 27

“Yes they should be. It will be good for our army and we’ll reach NATO standards soon.”
Tea, biologist, 28

“Yes why not? If next day Russia decides to occupy Georgia’s territories, we will be able to resist them better than we did last time. The main battle with our enemy is still ahead.”
Rezi, engineer, 37

“That would be good. I see no reason why we shouldn’t like this idea. They want to help us, so let us take the chance, especially when there is the constant threat of another war.”
Goga, student, 20

“Of course the NATO trainings should be held in Georgia, it is up to the Georgian Government to decide this and not any other country’s authorities. Ssaying that some country can be harmed by these exercises is just nonsense.”
Levan, student, 20

“It seems that Russia is very much irritated by the upcoming NATO trainings. I do not think it is their business, however I would like to hope that NATO officials and our Government find a safe way out of this situation.”
Gela, unemployed, 39

“Yes, these trainings should be held to show Russia that Georgia is not alone and has powerful friends.”
Natia, interpreter, 23