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Monday, April 27
Georgian military boat to participate in NATO naval exercise

A Georgian military boat is participating in the NATO international naval exercise in Turkey. The Sukhumi TE-24 military boat of the Coast Guard of the Georgian Border Police left for Turkey from Poti on Saturday. The 18-member crew will be participating in a ten day rescue exercise. After the exercises are finished the crew of the boat will train other Georgian sailors. The exercise will conclude on May 5.
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Transport routes change due to protest rallies

Traffic is still blocked in Rustaveli Avenue and Freedom Square. However the situation is quiet at the opposition protest rally outside Parliament. The protestors who spend nights in improvised cells are still there.

Traffic movement has been blocked in Kostava Street as well. Activists are living in cells outside the Georgian Public Broadcaster. However the situation is quiet there and outside the Chancellery. Several protesters are living there in improvised cells too.

Transport routes have been altered due to the blocking of Freedom Square and Rustaveli Avenue. The head of the Transport Department of the Tbilisi Mayor`s Office has said these changes are temporary. Akaki Jokhadze said that buses which usually travel along Rustaveli Avenue and Kostava Street will be taking another route for a while.
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Abkhazians taking part in Sochi City Hall elections

Abkhazians are taking part in the Sochi City Hall elections, RIA-Novosti reports.

People living in Abkhazia who have taken out Russian citizenship, acquired the right of residence in Sochi and have property there are casting their ballots. A polling station has been opened in the village of Vesioloe near the River Psou. All polling stations opened at 08:00.

Yuri Dzagania, Pavel Emelianenko, Aleksei Kolesnikov, Boris Nemtsov, Anatoli Pakhomov and Vladimer Trukhanovsky are candidates in the elections.

Husband and wife badly injured in assault

Pregnant woman Elza Guliashvili, 32, who was injured during an assault on the Guliashvili family at 90 Paliashvili Street, Tbilisi, is in a serious condition.

Emergency surgery was performed on both her and her husband on Saturday night and the couple remain in hospital. Their newborn child is on a respirator in the resuscitation department.

Unknown persons assaulted the Guliashvili family on Saturday and burgled their flat. It is not known what the attackers stole. An investigation has been launched, evidence from the crime scene having been uncovered by detectives.
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Georgian Patriarch declares April 28 Repentance Day

Catholicos-Patriarch of All Georgia, His Holiness and Beatitude Ilia II has declared April 28 to be Repentance Day. Prayers of forgiveness will be read in churches throughout Georgia on April 28.

Ilia II has called upon the Government and opposition members to go to church and make confession. He made his plea during his Thomas Sunday sermon at Holy Trinity Cathedral after serving the liturgy.

"There will be repentance for our sins throughout Georgia on Tuesday at 18:00. The Prayer of Forgiveness will be read. I want to appeal to the Government and opposition members to come to church as we must all repent of our sins. I hope Georgia will survive with the help of God," Ilia II said.
(Rustavi 2)