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Why do you think the Star Academy building collapsed?

Monday, April 27
“Repairs were made to the building so this may be the main reason it collapsed. Also I remember that when MAGTI bought the building they began to reconstruct it so it is highly likely that the main wall was damaged and this is why it collapsed.”
Megi, engineer, 45

“I don’t know the reason for the accident, but I think the building was very old and that was the main reason.”
Natia, specialist in foreign languages, 24

“Of course I do not know exactly why it collapsed, however, this sort of thing is the result of the incorrect construction of a building. Unfortunately, nowadays there are many such cases in our city.”
Liza, student, 19

“I don't know...Perhaps it wasn't built correctly.”
Davit, Businessman, 32

“Well, it was just a matter of weak construction, which is so frequent in Georgia.”
Ernest, economist, 21

“It is very difficult to say what the reason was. I do not know exactly. Specialists will examine the incident and everything will be identified.”
Maka, Student, 20

“It is the fault of the irresponsible approach of builders and their controlling bodies to the construction process. As far as I know repairs were underway in that building. This is not the only case when a building has collapsed suddenly in Tbilisi. I think this is an alarming trend which should be taken into consideration and examined carefully.”
Tamar, nurse, 35

“I was shocked when I heard this news. I don’t know why it happened but those in charge should start paying attention to what is being constructed in the city and how well safety measures are followed.”
Eka, housewife, 37

“Everything is collapsing in this country, even the buildings have started collapsing all of a sudden, it is a sign that we should stop and start thinking about real values.”
Meri, pensioner, 75

“I think the cosmetic repair works undertaken inside the building were done incorrectly. Perhaps someone decided to change the positions of the rooms and this caused the tragedy.”
Dea, student, 19

“I don’t know, perhaps the building was too old and Rustavi 2 should not have been allowed to hold a reality show in it.”
Dato, distributor, 20