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Mtkvari polluted

By Messenger Staff
Tuesday, April 28
The biggest river in the South Caucasus, the Mtkvari, which runs through three countries, Turkey, Georgia and Azerbaijan, is being polluted very dramatically due to a lack of ecological awareness. In all three countries the approach to pollution is very similar water can take anything and different types of waste are being discharged into the Mtkvari River.

In Georgia the Mtkvari is polluted with organic as well as chemical and mineral waste. The same is being done in Azerbaijan, despite the fact that in some Azeri regions the river provides drinking water. Armenia also adds its share of pollution into Mtkvari, as the Debeda, which flows into the Khrami which is a tributary of the Mtkvari, is polluted from the Armenian side without any control being applied.

We do not have precise information on what happens in Turkey where the river begins, but all the South Caucasus countries should combine their efforts to stop or at least minimize the pollution of the main river of the region.