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Tuesday, April 28
Georgian issue to be discussed twice at PACE spring session

Georgia will be discussed twice at the PACE spring session RIA Novosti reports.

Konstantine Kosachov, the Chair of the International Committee of the Russian State Duma, has made the following statement: “A discussion of the political aspects of the Georgian-Russian relationship is on the PACE agenda for April 27, however, no resolution is planned to be adopted.”

On April 29 PACE will discuss the situation in Tskhinvali. The PACE-commissioned report on the humanitarian consequences of the Georgian-Russian war will be presumably be submitted at this session. This discussion will conclude with a resolution being adopted.

Davit Bakradze expected to address crisis best

426 people responded to the Kviris Palitra poll question, “Which member of the Georgian Government do you expect will take the most effective action against the prevailing crisis?”

After analysing the points given to each Government member by respondents the following rating was produced:

1. Davit Bakradze – 6.74;
2. Rusudan Kervalishvili – 6.25;
3. Gigi Tsereteli – 5.45;
4. Giorgi Baramidze – 4.75;
5. Mikheil Saakashvili – 4.10;
6. Gigi Ugulava -3.87;
7. Goga Gabashvili – 2.73;
8. Nugzar Tsiklauri – 2.10;

Police arrest vandals

Police have arrested two vandals whom they saw breaking the windows of a taxi with baseball bats. The incident occurred near the Didube central bus station last night.

The drunken vandals chased the taxi in another cab after the driver refused to take them. They damaged the vehicle seriously. Several other vehicles driving on the other side of the road were also damaged.

The police have filed a criminal case relating to this incident. The offenders have been arrested and taken into custody.
(Rustavi 2)

President meets Spanish lawmakers

Georgian President Mikheil Saakashvili met Spanish parliamentarians on Sunday and then had lunch with them in the Meidani Restaurant. Supporters of the radical opposition found out about this and made their way to the restaurant but were too late as the President had already left.

The Spanish lawmakers said at Tbilisi airport before their departure that they had had a business lunch with the President of Georgia and what the opposition had done was unacceptable. The Spanish parliamentarians said that the opposition should not behave in such a way.
(Rustavi 2)

Opposition demands investigation into attack on their ally

The leaders of the Movement for United Georgia are protesting against an assault on their ally Giorgi Martinenko. It has been reported that Martinenko was assaulted outside his house in Gori, and has said that the four masked men who did this were urging him to cut his ties with the opposition parties.

Eka Beselia of the Movement for United Georgia has described the incident as oppression and the intimidation of opposition allies and urged the police to investigate and punish the offenders.
(Rustavi 2)