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What do you think about plastic surgery?

Tuesday, April 28
It's terrible, because of the high risk. Unsuccessful plastic surgery can damage other healthy organs. You never have any guarantee that it will pass without any complications.
Nino, Public Health and HIV/AIDS Programme Administrative Assistant, 23

Well I actually dont agree with any additional interference with the human body but if a person has any special defect he or she can address it with the relevant surgery.
Levan, bank accountant, 20

I think there is nothing bad about plastic surgery. Its a product of human development which just helps people fulfill their dreams about being beautiful.
Ani, musician, 26

I am categorically against such things, which spoil the whole nation. Georgia is a country with ancient history and traditions so I dont like it when our people start thinking as foreigners do. This is against our moral health.
Tamar, teacher, 57

Well its quite an interesting question. I must confess that I once had such an operation done on me because I was young and it was a new thing in Tbilisi, and I must say I dont regret doing it, although there was no necessity at all. Now Im proud to say I have been the one of the first to have taken such a vital step.
Natalia, model, 24

Oh that sounds interesting. Why do you think I should be against my girlfriend having such an operation? Id just accept her decision and morally support her.
Dito, architect, 31

I think it is good. I have a friend who had such an operation on her nose and now feels much happier than before. So in my opinion if a person doesnt like something in his or her appearance and can afford such an operation, let them do what they want.
Lela, student, 21

I approve of it but sometimes I dont understand those famous people who use plastic surgery for fashion only.
Irina, historian, 39

If such an operation isnt risky for health, Im not against it. But some operations can damage health and can cause serious illnesses as well.
Tatuli, bank employee, 29