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Liberalism which encouraged monopolies

By Messenger Staff
Thursday, April 30
After the Rose Revolution Georgia declared liberalisation was the way to develop the economy and Kakha Bendukidze was named as the chief architect of this policy. However, the majority of Georgia’s population is on the edge of poverty, there is a high rate of unemployment, imports greatly exceed exports and to cut it short the population does not live well.

Economic analyst Giorgi Tsutskiridze thinks that the liberalism championed by Bendukidze was supported by international organizations, but the competition Georgia entered into was unequal and eventually the ill-conducted liberalisation policy created monopolies. If you are liberalising, you should be liberal from the top down, thinks Tsutskiridze, saying that no reform was brought to its conclusion. “Bendukidze on one hand created monopolies and on the other wanted business to be liberalised,” states Tsutskiridze.