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Do you think there is a threat of further Russian aggression?

Thursday, April 30
“I really don’t want to seem rude but I have a strict attitude towards all the things happening around me. In my opinion the situation in Georgia concerns only Georgians and no one else. It means that we should mention neither Russia nor any other country. We should care about our internal problems such as politics, economics, social and cultural life. And what’s more we should always remember our national interest within, not outside the country and if we do no one will ever dare to show any aggression to us.”
Nugzar, professor, 63

“I don’t like discussing issues in which I have no confidence of my knowledge, but I think that the danger of aggression from Russia will always exist.”
Sopho, student, 21

“I don’t think Russia will take any unforeseen decision. The world has condemned the August war and I don’t think Russia will try to interfere in our lives any more.”
Elene, student, 19

“If Saakashvili won’t resign a war will start. It will start as a civil war but end with the Russian Army’s invasion of Georgia and the overthrowing of the Government. That’s of course my personal and unfortunate version of what will happen.”
Levan, manager, 45

“Russia has always been an aggressive country, especially towards Georgia because we have always been desperate to gain freedom from their tyranny. By ‘Russia’ I refer primarily to the Soviet Union but you may also consider the ancient Russian Empire in this light, as this was always eager to enslave our nation but there efforts were somehow in vain.”
Niko, doctor, 32

“If we Georgians won’t stop fighting each other within the country, Russia will take advantage of this situation for its own ends.”
Anna, philologist, 24

“Actually the threat of aggression from a country like Russia is always real. But in the current international situation the Russian Government must be more reasonable to serve its own interests.”
Marekhi, political analyst, 27