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Monday, May 4
Holy relics brought from Zemo Abkhazeti district

Monks ousted from Zemo Abkhazeti district have brought holy relics from there to Tbilisi. Father Giorgi Gurchiani achieved this by crossing the administrative border at the Enguri Bridge late at night and entering the Kodori Gorge to take icons and crosses from the St. George Monastery.

Abkhaz separatists and Russian occupiers forced Georgian monks and nuns to leave the monasteries of Zemo Abkhazeti in April 2009.
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Abkhazian Government members visit refugees

The Chairperson of the legal Abkhazian Government Malkhaz Akishbaia, Abkhazian Healthcare Minister Dalila Khorava and Chairperson of its Refugee Department Tengiz Bendeliani have visited refugees displaced by a fire in Tskhneti.

Akishbaia stated that the displaced persons will be given GEL 1,000 and those less affected GEL 500. Khorava declared that a special team of doctors will examine the displaced persons and distribute appropriate medicines.

Fire broke out in the fourth building of the campus in which refugees are housed on Friday.

Cells to be erected outside City Hall

Cells were erected outside City Hall on Sunday as part of the opposition’s protest campaign.

Bidzina Gujabidze from the Conservative Party had told Interpressnews the day before that several cells would be put up and damaged cells on Rustaveli Avenue would be replaced with new ones.

“No cells will be dismantled; on the contrary, news cells will be built up outside City Hall tomorrow and a new cell camp will thus be added to those on Rustaveli Avenue, Freedom Square, the Chancellery and GPB,” Gujabidze had declared.

Nika Gilauri to attend 42nd Annual Meeting of Board of Governors of ADB

Nika Gilauri, the Prime Minister of Georgia, will take part in the 42nd Annual Meeting of the Board of Governors of ADB (Asian Development Bank) in Indonesia.

At this meeting the question of an aid package rendered by the Asian Development Bank for Georgia in 2008 (110 million dollars USD) will be discussed. The support Georgia should receive throughout 2009 will be considered in detail.

Nika Gilauri has stated that at the meeting an agreement to allocate 90 million US dollars to Georgia to rehabilitate its road infrastructure will be signed. “30 million dollars is also to be allocated to the Fund of Municipal Development which carries out municipal projects in the regions. The sums for the bank sector have not been allocated yet, but I would like to note that we will have negotiations on the issue,” Gilauri declared.

This year, for the first time, the Prime Minister of Georgia will Chair one of the meetings of Board, representing his country. A presentation on Georgia, which will brief attendees on the present Georgian business environment and the reforms which have been carried out during the last few years, will be made during the Annual Meeting.

Concert followed by incident

A support concert for the Georgian radical opposition was held outside Parliament on Saturday night. Georgian singers who support the opposition took part in the concert. Utsnobi (Giorgi Gachechiladze), who is the star of the Cell Number 5 reality show on Maestro, a pro-opposition TV channel, left his improvised cell and joined in. At the concert the opposition leaders reiterated at the rally that they will agree to sit down for talks with Mikheil Saakashvili any time, anywhere, but only to discuss his resignation. A small number of activists remained in the cells erected outside Parliament after the concert.

An incident occurred after the concert. Two activists verbally assaulted each other and a fight developed between them. One, who is an old man, was injured as a result of this fight when he fell and struck his head on the stairs. Emergency services personnel gave first aid to the man and took him to the Republican Hospital.

The other activist involved was taken away from the scene by fellow protestors. Activists did not allow journalists to film the fight.
(Rustavi 2)