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Compiled by Londa Mindiashvili
Monday, May 4
I do not believe in either the Government or the opposition: Rezo Cheishvili.

24 Saati reports that Rezo Cheishvili, a Georgian writer, has stated: “The period of rallies will continue endlessly if the Government does not recognise the rule of law. The state should do what every citizen wants. More and more political parties are being formed and they are all fighting on behalf of the Georgian people.

“Our national psyche is an echo of our centuries of slavery. It has not adapted to democracy. We do not want this; we do not want that, so what do we want? Elections? We can’t wait for elections.

"It is well known that Plato considered that the best form of governance is a dictatorship. We do need a dictatorship, a people’s dictatorship. My formula, which I have suggested to the Government and the opposition parties, is to institute a “dictatorship of democracy!” I have written this before and I still subscribe to this idea.

“The Russians are not only waiting but keeping vigil over Georgia. They do not hide the fact that they are waiting for destabilization and chaos,” added Cheishvili.

Public Defender demands new investigation into the wounding of Tengo Beridze

Akhali Taoba writes that representatives of the Public Defender have demanded a new investigation into the wounding of Tengo Beridze, a member of the Conservative Party of Georgia.

According to Onise Mebonia, a representative of the Ombudsman, an investigation team attended the scene of the arrest five hours after it had taken place, following lawyers’ categorical demand. Lawyers and participants in the protest rallies guarded the area until the investigators came.

“The investigators did not take testimony from eyewitnesses and have not looked at the video recording of Vasil Sanodze and other three men on the balcony of the building of Ministry of Internal Affairs. One of the three men holds an air rifle, and Tengo Beridze was wounded by a shot fired from a gun. Vasil Sanodze and the other three men have not been questioned either. The investigators did not search the room the shot was fired from,” stated Mebonia.

Another opposition party formed

Sakartvelos Respublika reports that another opposition party, The Party of Vine of Georgia, has been founded. Its leader is Giorgi Shengelaia, a Georgian film producer and owner of a wine-making company.

The main aim of the party will be to change today’s “undemocratic” Government without any violation of the law or constitution. After the President’s resignation they will take part in Presidential and Parliamentary elections.

“If our party comes into Government, we will fight to restore democracy and the Supreme Court and mass media will become free. We will help the economy improve,” said Shengelaia, who added that his party is ready to join the protest rallies and collaborate with all other opposition parties.