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Protest and economic development

By Messenger Staff
Tuesday, May 5
The protests against the Government are inevitably influencing the situation in the country. This issue cannot be ignored. The authorities blame the opposition who came out into the streets for this, whereas the opposition highlights that it was the behaviour of the administration which forced people to go out into the streets.

Economic analyst Demur Giorkhelidze suggests there are both short and long term approaches to this issue. In the short term the protest actions are not helping economic development, as both local and foreign investors want the rallies to end. However the protests themselves are the consequence of the dire economic and social situation in the country. The people in the streets want this to be addressed and other positive measures taken, such as introducing an independent court system and protecting private property.

The unresolved political problems leave Georgia unable to attract investment, thinks Giorkehlidze. If the administration cannot solve them the problems of lack of economic development and growth will remain. To cut it short, the existence of the protest rallies proves that something is wrong, so the illness which created them needs to be treated.